Featured Project – Oklahoma City, OK

As Oklahoma residents gear up for tumultuous spring weather, these homeowners are ready with their Class 4 Impact Rated, 110 mph wind certified, Bellaforté Shake roof in Espresso blend. This roof was installed by longtime contractor Jenco Roofing out of Oklahoma City. We all know what a high wind rating can mean, but what does a Class 4 Impact Rating mean? Being rated Class 4 is the highest impact rating that a roofing material can receive. This means that the material has passed a test where a two inch steel ball weighing 1.2 lbs is dropped from 20 feet onto an installation. The test is then repeated again and the impacts must be within a 1/4″ of each other, after which the tiles can’t crack or break. Interested in seeing a Class 4 Impact Test? Click here!


Jenco Roofing and Custom Metals
Oklahoma City, OK