From the Architect’s Corner – Beating the Objections Week 1

I wish I could say all our clients are 100% sold before they reach us, but that is just not true. Despite the extensive information we have on our websiteblog, and social media sites the truth is that sometimes people are skeptical. I don't blame them, they have been working on their projects for months, sometimes longer, and as we have learned, making the right product choice is at the top of homeowner's lists when it comes to improving their homes.

I want to spend the next few Fridays discussing the regular objections I get from design professionals, so below is the first week's commonly held misconception and the answer I would give you to ease your mind.

Commonly held misconception #1 – You have to have deep pockets to afford a luxury roof. If your client has a budget for 3-tab shingles, there isn't much I can say as this is a high-end product, but if your client wants the look of slate or shake, without the sky high cost, let me offer you a few pieces of information to bring to your next client meeting.

The first is you must consider the lifetime cost of a product that you purchase. Just because something is cheaper up front doesn't mean it offers over all value. If a home is being built or renovated with intent to sell it in the next few years, lifetime value probably doesn't have much pull with your client. But if the home is something the homeowner plans to stay in for many years, the products they choose could save them a lot of money in the future. For example, hand split shake. As the price for shakes go up, the price difference between our Valoré Shake line and natural cedar is minimal but there is a price difference. Something else to take into consideration with regards to cost is that a DaVinci roof is a 50 year roof. Under the very best conditions natural cedar will last around 15-20 years (less in undesirable conditions). Your shake roof will need to be replaced 2 or 3 times in the lifespan of one DaVinci Shake or Valoré Shake roof. If you are comparing our slate products to the real deal, you have to factor in the annual maintenance costs and weight restrictions of a natural slate roof as well as the total installed cost of the products.

Valoré Shake – Abruzzo Blend

At DaVinci we also offer more value driven products with our Valoré and Bellaforté product lines. Made of the same polymers as our higher end lines, Valoré is a single-width slate and shake option, essentially a single size (12" in the slate and 9" in the shake) spin off of our multi-width lines. Bellaforté has a unique design where there are just 100 pieces per square (as opposed to 250+ pieces per square with our other lines) and during installation it self aligns which allows it to compete in the price range of a high end asphalt roof.

Our study shows that at the end of the day your clients value durability, longevity and low maintenance products.

Happy Friday Architects!