From the Architect’s Corner – CO Before and After

This home’s transformation going from shingles to a polymer slate tile roof is remarkable. The original roof, a brown shingle, wasn’t doing justice to this brick home which is loaded with curb appeal. In order to make their (very steep) roof truly one of a kind, these homeowners decided to customize a blend using our multi-width simulated slate roofing tiles. The blend created is Dark Gray, Light Brown, Light Purple, Green Stone, Dark Stone and Light Violet.

What is the process for customizing a blend? Typically, a homeowner would work with a Project Specialist here in our office. Our Project Specialists offer a true service of color and product advice, many times viewing images of the home in order to make suggestions. We also have other tools to help, our online Color Designer can help narrow down the choices, and we are always willing to send out product samples in any color as well as color chips. Once colors and percentages are nailed down, sample bundles are requested for final approval by the end user and then an order can go into production. Like we do with our standard color blends, we pre-blend the tiles here in our factory so there is minimal sorting at the jobsite.

Interested in learning more? Click here to read more about this project, installed by Advanced Exteriors and located in Denver, Colorado. Click here to get in touch with a DaVinci Project Specialist.

Happy Friday, Architects!