From the Architect’s Corner – Copper Accents

Using copper for flashings and accents with a quarried slate roof or thick cedar shakes (back when shakes lasted more than 10 years) has almost always been a given and the combination goes back centuries. Besides an awesome aesthetic, it just makes good sense that tiles projected to last decades be paired with a metal that is projected to last decades. As polymer slate and shake products were introduced to the market, it is a pairing that continued because of the longevity of the tiles as well the desire to keep the traditional look.

Last week, I received these photos from a contractor (look for a project profile to come!) and the photos prove what we already know; Bellaforté Shake, our 50 year product that gives clients the look of luxurious, jumbo shakes, looks amazing paired with copper flashings and accents. Breathtaking view (and the mountains in the background aren't so bad either).

Happy Friday, Architects!