From the Architect’s Corner – Customizing Doesn’t Mean You Have to Change It All

When you are working with 50 individual colors it can become pretty easy to overcomplicate things. Typically, the quest for finding your perfect custom color blend starts on our color designer, or with a set of our synthetic shake or slate color chips. While some have a great eye for color and can easily sort through and put together something that looks amazing, the rest of us are stuck on where to even start. In the context of possible blend customization, I often get asked if somebody can take a standard blend and just tweak it. Recently, an architect and I worked together to take the European Blend (which consists of Light Gray, Medium Gray, Dark Gray, Light Purple and Dark Purple in multi-width slate) and change it into something that the client wanted, which was essentially European with just a little less purple. By removing just the Light Purple from the blend, it turned out to be exactly the color blend they needed. Not every custom color blend story can be this easy, but often starting with something already created can help you and your clients know what needs to be added or removed. 

Happy Friday Architects!

                Fake Slate