From the Architect’s Corner – Impact Resistant Roofing

Every spring for the last several years, a large hail storm has done some pretty significant damage somewhere. We've seen the damage caused by hail in Oklahoma, Colorado , Kansas, Missouri, Texas and most recently in Minnesota and Nebraska. A few years ago, it was on my own roof in a Kansas City suburb.  If you've ever had to experience a storm like this, you know the damage that it can do to a roof and the rest of the home. Surveying the damage is just the beginning. Our neighborhood, like many others in the Midwest during storm season, lived under blue tarps for many months as we one by one, go our roofs replaced.

Bellaforté Shake installed after a recent hail storm

Increasingly, architects are concerned with this and the discussion of what Class 4 Impact Rated means comes up more frequently than it did even a few years ago. When you specify a Class 4 Impact Rated product for your client, you can be assured that you have chosen a material that meets the highest standards for impact resistance and has passed UL 2218. While nothing is totally hail-proof, DaVinci Slate and Shake tiles will hold up better in a storm, resulting in a fewer replacements, than their natural counterparts. Because of this, many insurance companies offer their clients a discount if they use a Class 4 rated material.

Happy Friday, Architects!