From the Architect’s Corner – Matching an Existing Roof

A common scenario – your client is ready for a roof, but doesn't want to change the look of the home or the building too much. So this puts you on the hunt to find colors that match the old slate or tile that is currently up. The DaVinci Color Studio is amazing for designers who want to customize blends for their clients. With this tool you can choose a single color or multi-color option and then use any of our 49 colors to create exactly what you need and order samples right off our website.

Do you have a project where you are trying to match to an existing roof? Perhaps natural slate, shake or a competitor's product? Let your local roofing expert help! We offer 49 individual colors, improving your chances of finding an exact match. Contact me today to be put in touch with your local representative.

Megan Stone –

Happy Friday Architects!