From the Architect’s Corner – Mountain Installations

When talking to architects I often get asked how well DaVinci products hold up in high altitude, high wind, high UV exposure, freezing and snowy in the winter, but warm in the summar (ie – the mountains) climate. With hundreds of installations in the mountains, it is easy to say "amazing"! The tiles, made out of an engineered polymer (and calling it plastic slate or shake is really over simplifiying it) are designed to not absorb water so as the tiles go through the freeze-thaw cycles, they can come out unscathed. They also have a high quality UV stabilizer package embedded in the tile to prevent color loss in all climates. 

Here are a few projects we have featured in high altitude areas:

Avon, Colorado

Click here to read about how a condo community chose Multi-Width Shakes for their large roofing project. 

Vail, CO

Click here to read how a Multi-Width Slate roof changed the Vail skyline. 

Cordillera, CO

Click here to read about this Bellaforté Shake project. 

Happy Friday, Architects!