From the Architect’s Corner – Replacing a Natural Slate Roof with a Slate Alternative

Every day I talk to architects working on existing homes or buildings that have an old slate roof that has reached the end of it's life and they are looking for alternatives. Their reasons vary, but mostly boil down to cost. Slate can weigh quite a bit more than other types of roofing material, at approximately 1200 pounds per square, and therefore additional work and enforcements may need to be done to a structure so it can hold the weight of a slate roof. Also, when you're looking at slate you're looking for a luxury roof, and many realize that the thickness and colors you want aren't available at a realistic price point.

The polymer slate tiles we have developed and manufacture are a fraction of weight, coming in between 180-360 pounds per square (the difference is due to either product or exposure). To give you some perspective, a composition roof comes in at approximately 250 pounds per square, cedar shake can weigh 250 pounds per square, and concrete tile weighs about 700 pounds per square. If a structure can hold shingles, it can hold a DaVinci Slate roof.

DaVinci's imitation slate roof tiles are a half inch thick and come in 49 colors, all of which are at the same price point so you can get the look of the thick and colorful slate you want, all at a set price. You can view all color options at the Color Designer on the website. 

Happy Friday, Architects!