From the Architect’s Corner – Replacing Cedar with a Polymer Shake Tile

There's no question that cedar shake makes a beautiful roof. It can, however, have it's shortcomings. Wood deteriorates due to normal freeze and thaw weather cycles, thus leaving the homeowner with brittle and cracked tiles as well as leaves the shakes looking less than brilliant. Many are Class A Fire Rated when treated, but the treatment wears off and has to be redone every few years, not to mention one hail storm can take the whole thing out.

Architects and designers have embraced polymer made materials, like Bellaforté Shake, because with a polymer roof tile your clients won't have the problems listed above. Our products are Class A Fire Rated, Class 4 Impact Rated and the shakes don't split, crack, or lose their brilliance over time. Yesterday a great example of some before and after pictures came in to me (Featured Project to come!) from a contractor in Colorado. This picture beautifully demonstrates how a cedar roof replaced with Bellaforté Shake freshens up the look of the home's exterior and won't need to replaced for 50 years.


Happy Friday, Architects!