From the Architect’s Corner – Steeples

This week I spoke with an architect who is looking for advice on using a composite shake roof system, such as the products made by DaVinci Roofscapes, on a church steeple. The question was, since the product is cored how, how do you hide the cuts you would have to make on the tiles to have them fit this narrow structure? 

I took this one to Tim Gentry, VP of our Technical Department, for some help. The obvious suggestion would be to use the polymer slate or shake's accessory hip/ridge pieces to hide the cut shingle's core. If you didn't want to use the hip piece, he suggested to create a beveled edge on the cut side, so the core is no longer visible in the cut. Another option was to have a piece of metal fabricated that not only flashes the hip but has a thin lip that runs perpendicular, and terminate the cut edge of the tile so that it is flush with the metal. 

The below photo shows a Multi-Width Shake roof on a steeple, where the contractor used the accessory hip tiles to hide the cut edges. 

If you have questions installing our products on a steeple, or anything else installation related, you can contact us at 800-328-4624.


Happy Friday, Architects!