From the Architect’s Corner – Technical Advice

As an architect, if you call into our office seeking technical advice you will most likely get me. Most of the time I've got it covered, but sometimes a question can leave me stumped so I have to turn to Tim Gentry, VP of Technical Services, for help. Click here to meet the DaVinci Roofscapes' Technical Team and keep reading to get answers to the questions most closely related to the design professional.

Custom Installations

Do you want to add a unique quality to your design and wonder if a polymer roofing product is the right choice? Click here to read Tim's thoughts on custom staggers, unique roof shapes and more.


What Does a Class A Fire Rating Mean?

In his job with DaVinci, Tim oversees all product testing and knows all the up to date testing methods and requirements. While many people have heard the term 'Class A', most are unsure what exactly that means. Click here to read more about the ASTM E 108 test.


Installing DaVinci Tiles with No Waste

This seems like a crazy concept, but think of the cost savings to your client knowing that DaVinci tiles can be installed with either very low or no waste? Click here to keep reading Tim's blog about the waste factor for our polymer slate and shake roof tiles.


Preventing Ice Dams

Often I receive calls from architects concerned about cold weather application, freeze thaw durability and if the product will create ice dams (therefore problems) on their client's roof. Click here to read Tim's ideas on preventing ice dams with the DaVinci tiles.