Give Me 5 Minutes — And I’ll Show You How To Find A Perfect Exterior Color Scheme

If you are thinking about making a change to your home’s exterior and aren’t sure how to choose the best colors this video is for you.

Like many homeowners, you may find choosing colors a bit more difficult than you expected. With hundreds of choices it seems like it should be easy to find the right hues for your home. So why do so many people still struggle to put together a scheme they find appealing? It is because if you don’t have a tried and true method for making your choices, selecting colors is challenging.

This is where my 5-step FRESH approach will help you to more easily find the perfect hues for your home. In less than five minutes I share the 5-step method I have successfully used for years and now you, too, can use this method when picking your exterior color scheme. Watch the video now and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link to instantly download a copy of the FREE eBook I put together to give you even more details about the 5 FRESH steps.





The FRESH Exterior Color guide will give you all of the information included in the video plus so much more. Be sure to click on the image below to instantly download a copy of the eBook.

FRESH Home Exterior Color Guide by Kate Smith

I am confident that if you follow my FRESH approach you can put together a color scheme you can be proud to show off on your home’s exterior!