Go to Relaxing Southwestern for Your Outdoor Spaces

Designing an outdoor space that drips with warmth all year round is simple to achieve when you think Southwestern style. Mixing the Arizona or New Mexico laid back feel of soothing sunset oranges and muted reds with the bold yellows and turquoise blues creates a space that is both vibrant and relaxing at the same time.

Southwestern Style Outdoor Spaces
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Inspired by elements taken directly from nature and infused with pattern and bold color choice – Southwestern style is a perfect selection for any outdoor area.

Create a unified look to your entire home, taking a top-to-bottom approach incorporating one of DaVinci Roofscapes’ color blends. DaVinci’s unique color collection Sedona, becomes a complementing palette that will finish off your look and enhance the selections you’ve made for your outdoor space.

Bellaforté Slate in Sedona blend mimics natural clay in oranges, reds and browns – a color palette that would transform your entire space into a warm, visually interesting and inviting spot.

Bellaforte Slate in Standard Blend Sedona
Bellaforté Slate in Standard Blend Sedona

What works so beautifully about this design style is the light and airy sense earth tones create. Accented by lush green or colorful gardens it is perfect for creating vignettes or one large, relaxing area.

Some tips for creating a Sedona style that works:

    • Pay attention to the colors of your wood tones in fences, furniture or other areas. Natural elements from stone or earthenware are also welcome additions in this style. It would be perfect to include pots or vases throughout the area.


    • Color pops are easily achieved with a Sedona design plan, when you include additional turquoise or greens for added vibrancy. Take note of the little details, like pillows or plantings for an authentic look and feel. This would be the perfect space for that copper or metal fire pit you’ve been eyeing.  Furniture in rod iron or even black painted woods would help to properly anchor your space.


  • To keep the warmth glowing year-round, think of installing a beautiful fireplace, if space allows. Soft outdoor lighting and adobe red cushions against warm teak woods will make your space feel intimate, inviting and never boring.

DaVinci Roofscapes Synthetic Slate Inspires Outdoor Spaces
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Sedona style is built upon a minimalist approach. Less in more in this genre of design, so select pieces that make a statement – but not too loudly. Going full on southwest with natural stone or stucco walls can be stunning. Be careful not to overdo your ‘theme’ as you don’t want your space to become kitschy – you want subtle hints of this style, not an overpowering feel. Stick to smaller details using chevron pillows or an outdoor rug, rather than full-on pattern and color everywhere.

Colored cushions on your outdoor furniture is a must in this style, as this is your place to infuse brightness and personality. Colorful American Indian blankets can inspire your color scheme. I prefer oranges, red and turquoise, but yellow, purple or green could work just as well in this motif. If you decide to use wicker as your texture, stick to dark tones like black or brown. Whites or creams will be too stark for this look.

DaVinci Roofscapes Southwestern Inspiration Indian Blankets
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Southwestern style, inspired by the fantastic color palette of the desert home rooftops, will create on outdoor space that calls you in to sit, relax and stay awhile. When done well, this is a timeless style that will remind you of sunsets, warm fireplaces and nature’s best.

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