Goat Cheese, S’mores and Oysters

If you're hungry, you've turned the calendar page to the right month. The culinary August observances for those with a rumbling tummy include National Panini Month, National Peach Month and National Goat Cheese Month. But, don't stop there.

It seems like every food is stuffed into a specialty day in August. Start the month on the 2nd with National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, and keep going through the week with Watermelon Day on the 3rd, Chocolate Chip Cookie Day on the 4th and Oysters Day on the 5th. You can overindulge on the 13th with Filet Mignon Day or on the 14th with Dreamsicle Day.

At DaVinci Roofscapes, while we love to eat (especially on the 10th which is National S'mores Day), we really get a kick out of August 28th because we spend so much time on our computers.  That day has the privilege of being both "Crackers Over the Keyboard Day" (to encourage people to be daring and eat cookies or crackers right over their keyboards) and "Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day" … which seems hard to do with all those cracker crumbs flying around!

Overall, given that August is such a quiet month of celebrations, we're pleased that our friends at Fypon ave launched National Curb Appeal Month starting August 1. This gives us more opportunities to share details with you on the important impact that polymer roofing has on your home's curb appeal. See  Add "Curb Appeal" and Value to Your Home During National Home Improvement Month for ideas!