Going for a “Charleston” Feel…

I have a very traditional southern home. (Trying to give it a Charleston feel). Trying to decide between Single-Width, Bellaforté and Multi-Width. Also, leaning towards a dark gray or black but would love your advice on style and color.

Name: Mary Frazelle
Raleigh, North Carolina
Product: Synthetic Shake

Hello Ms. Frazelle,

You’re home is lovely and the black and white scheme is very “Charleston” Any of the tiles you mention could work with the style of your home so go with the profile you like best.

I prefer the multi-with to add some depth and texture to the roof but that is just a personal preference. With the single width you will have a uniform appearance that can also be nice with the “buttoned up” look of your home. The Bellaforté is going to give my considerably more texture and a slightly more relaxed look so if that is what you are after this would be a good choice.

Also either color will look just fine. I lean toward going a little darker with the Slate Black. It feels more in keeping with some of the grand homes of the south that come to mind but many also had gray. Again both would work so it goes back to personal preference.

This may not be the solid “this is the way to go” advice you were hoping for but the good news is that with the colors and styles you are considering it would be hard to go wrong. Trust your instincts on which style and colors feels right to you. The DaVinci roof will top off your traditional, southern home beautifully and make it feel even more like it could be on a street in Charleston.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert