Going for a “Florida Look”

We have worked hard to change our 40 year old home into a "Florida look" home. We first painted the brown brick with a Niagara product called Niagara Coatings, and then found a similar color shingle roof. We wanted to blend our home and make it look bigger. Now it's time to re-roof and when we looked for a similar color product, we found you. We are open to new ideas as well.

Michelle Myers
St. Catharines, Ontario
Product: DaVinci


Dear Ms. Myers,

Your home does show the "Florida look" influence you were going after. To keep that same look in the future you will want to stay with a light roof.

Although not shown on the website we do have a few whites/lights that are available to you – Katie can let you know about the specific options available to you. I think we have a custom color that has been done and is close to the color of your existing roof however it is difficult for me to get a good read on the exact color from your photograph.

Alternately, you could go with a pale to light gray. There are several that you can see in the Color Designer Tool and again Katie can help you with colors.

As you consider your roof color, don't be afraid to go away from a true gray. As long as you stick to a light or pale color you can carry off the same look. Light Gray, Light Weathered Gray or even Light Chesapeake. Sometimes a slight change instead of an exact replacement can be just enough to make you feel like you've updated your entire look if that is what you are hoping for with the new roof.

I hope that gives you the insight you are looking for as you choose a new roof for your "sunny" home.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert