Got Snow? Better Get Snowguards!

SnowguardsIf you live in an area of the country where it snows and snows a fair amount, then having snow building up on your roof can be a concern. Not necessarily the snow piling up, but more the avalanche it creates as it melts and comes plummeting down onto your bushes or belongings below.

In fact, avalanches of snow off of roofs have been known to rip gutters off of homes and cause all kinds of damage.

One of the great roofing tips is a solution called "snowguards". Snowguards are devices that are designed to help melting snow drain more evenly so you don't have to worry about it toppling off all at once damaging items around your home. 

The great thing is whether you are looking to install imitation slate shingles or cedar shake alternative tiles, or if our simulated shake roofing has been on your roof for years, you can install snowguards. In other words, they can be installed at the time the roof is installed or they can be retrofitted.

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Have you experienced snow avalanching off of your roof? Or do you have snowguards on your roof? Which kind did you go with and why?