Gray Decisions….

Looking for advice on colors & style of shake or slate to use on my house. So far it looks like i will be using gray stucco. I am leaning towards the grays in the roof color. Any suggestions? I have attached a photo.

Huntington Beach, CA
Product: Multi-Width DaVinci or Bellaforté














Hello Luis,

I think you are on the right track with a gray blend for your roof. As far as slate or shake, the choice is really your personal choice since either will work well on your home. I might go with slate just because it will be a more noticeable change but go with the look you like best.

As for color, I'd use Villa or Castle Gray blends for slate or a similar color mix in shake. The thing you will want to do is make sure that the gray for your stucco blends with the colors in the roof. It does not need to match exactly, however you do not want one to be more of a cool (bluish) gray and one to be a warm (brownish) gray. Both should be either warm or cool.

A couple of other thoughts that I think would be nice on your home. Keeping your trim white or a light gray works fine however I would paint the garage door to match your main gray color. This will make is seem less of a focal point and the you will notice the windows more, which is a nice detail with the overall look of your home.

I would also paint the chimney to match or blend with the main color, too. Then bring the eye to your front door by painting it in a fun color. I would go very bold with Citron, Tangerine or Aqua to give your home a very young and updated look. If going that bright isn't for you find a color you love and fits your personality. Just go with something deep enough that it is going to stand out.

I hope that helps you with your decision and if you want to send pictures when it is finished I'd love to see them.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert