Great Time to Install Snowguards!

DaVinci Slate with SnowguardsHeavy sheet-like chunks of snow and ice can cause serious damage to property and even cause serious injuries. Sloped roofs are particularly susceptible to these types of avalanches and require special consideration in states that are known to have heavy snowstorms and ice dams. Special devices such as snowguards are generally installed on these roofs to hold snow and ice in place until they melt slowly. When this happens, it is less likely to have any problems with ice or snow falling on people or property.

But are snowguards difficult to install and will you need to change your roof to install them? No. Snowguards are easy to install and with DaVinci Roofscapes fake slate; you can easily retrofit or include them during installation. Our lightweight roofing materials can be used with a wide variety of snowguards. This gives you more flexibility when shopping for these devices without worrying that your roof design will be negatively affected.

It is also important to note that excessive snow and water in eaves and gutters can cause them to become clogged. This can damage your gutter system or the interior of your home by causing leaks. Snowguards help prevent this from happening.

Snowguards also distribute the weight of the snow on your roof to ensure that its structural integrity is not compromised because of overloading. With snowguards and DaVinci’s fake cedar shake installed on your roof, you will get two superb systems working together to give you more comfort and less worry.

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