Hail Damage; An Opportunity?

There is no question that when a roof is damaged because of  hail, hurricane, or tornado, it seems a burden for the homeowner. As a homeowner you worry about:
hail damaged roof1. How to make time to meet with contractors?
2. Which contractor to choose?
3. Does the contractor have a license and insurance?
4. What will happen to your landscaping during the project?
5. What financial implications will there be?
Actually the list goes on and on. It is quite stressful for the homeowner.As a roofing contractor I have always thought it was my duty to help put the homeowner at ease. If you listen to your clients and understand their concerns, you can often make this situation very painless for them. I have often talked with homeowners about not looking at this damage as a burden but instead as an opportunity.
This can be a perfect time to turn an ordinary looking home to an extraordinary looking home at a very reduced price. With a significant contribution from your insurance company you can change your formerly ordinary asphalt shingle roof, into a roof of one of the luxury steep slope roofing alternatives. Many of these environmentally friendly roof alternatives significantly increase the value of the home because of their look and performance. Not only are they beautiful, but because of the impact resistance and class A fire rating, in most cases they will reduce future insurance cost. Combining the reduced cost of hazard insurance, increased home value, and insurance company contribution, an upgrade to a luxury roofing material makes sense to many folks.
DaVinci Roofscapes makes luxury roofing materials for nearly any type of architecture. With our extraodinary look, high performance, and highest availalbe impact and fire ratings, DaVinci is a terrific value for someone with an opportunity to upgrade.