Happy Receptionists Day!

Happy Receptionists Day to Sharon Underwood — our wonderful DaVinci Roofscapes "voice of DaVinci" for the past 16 years!

If you've ever called in to our headquarters in Kansas, Sharon's is the friendly voice you'll hear. She's been answering the phones, performing administrative and human resources duties and providing helpful insights since February of 1998 — a full year before we actually launched the company.

This past year brought a new change for Sharon, and for our other DaVinci team members, when our headquarters moved to its new location in Lenexa, Kansas. This didn't rattle Sharon though, as she keeps answering the phones and sharing our polymer roofing information with callers in her same professional manner … just from a new location! (see New DaVinci Roofscapes Facility)

"This new facility has brought many changes to our company," says Underwood. "We have more exposure to the public here so we're getting walk-in traffic. The larger location means we can hire more employees than at our other location. And, we all have a renewed sense of pride in the composite roofing products we manufacture.

"We're also seeing more requests than ever before for facility tours, which is great. This is an upscale environment and here we can really showcase our terrific synthetic slate and imitation shake roofing materials."

Want to learn more about Sharon? Then see Insider's View: 15 Years at DaVinci Roofscapes.