Hard to Bungle Cedar Shake Roofing Colors on Bungalow Homes

Relaxed and refined, Bungalow-style homes offer a variety of opportunities to welcome color in many ways. According to Kate Smith, chief color maven with Sensational Color, simplicity is the hallmark of Bungalows, but that doesn't mean the colors have to be simple.

Cedar Shake Roofing"Bright colors with contrasting white trim can really add personality to a Bungalow-style home," says Smith. "I've seen fresh color schemes of nocturnal sea complemented by white trim and rich woodgrain doors on these home styles that I love. Because a Bungalow is often a one-story or two-story home with dormer windows, there's lots of ways to play with color."

Smith always recommends working from the "top down" when adding color to a home. And for Bungalows that usually means starting with a cedar shake roof.

"Similar to an Arts and Crafts style home, a Bungalow really looks great with the texture and color of cedar shingles," says Smith. "The color palettes I've seen on composite shake roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes mimics nature but offers long-term resistance to fading from the sun. This means the color you select is the one you'll enjoy for many years.

"One of my favorite blends of synthetic roofing material colors for a Bungalow home is the DaVinci Autumn blend which has a combination of five shades of cedar colors. Very natural looking to set the home apart in a neighborhood."

Here's another tip from Smith: Think "FRESH" When Selecting Roof Colors