Help in Colorado… Maybe a Custom Blend for Our Polymer Roof?

We would like assistance choosing our colors using the Bellaforté Slate.

We have a red brick georgian house – the majority of the house is brick. Our trim is white. Our shutters and front door are a very dark green – nearly black. Our roof is not very obvious from the front of our house.

Currently our house has yellow paint but we will be repainting it. We are leaning towards grey.

We have pavers for our front walk/porch and back porch that were just installed. All our landscaping was just completed so in the pictures, things look a bit bare with all new plant.

We like the European Blend but would like suggestions for a custom blend.

Thank you.

Greenwood Village, CO
Product: Bellaforté Slate





Thank you for sending a variety of images of your home. I can see how many nice improvements you have already made to your home and a DaVinci roof will be perfect to top off your look.

I can see that you enjoy the interplay of pattern and color from the design you selected for the newly installed pavers. I think that works very well with the colors and style of your home. I also think going with gray on the siding will look great with the pavers and brick.

For the roof I recommend you go with subtler variations in color rather than a more distinct pattern such as the European blend. On their own each pattern is beautiful but when added to the same exterior they can start to compete with each other for "visual attention" and then none of them will stand out. Instead think about going with the subtle color variations that is possible with DaVinci's VariBlend technology.

If you are still set on pattern you could get away with it because so little of your roof shows but I would still recommend a pattern that incorporates 2 or 3 grays rather than different colors.

​If you want something a bit different, DaVinci Roofscapes is about to release a new VariBlend.​ It is a color called Smokey Gray that is between Slate Gray and Slate Black. I think this color would be a great choice to give your home a distinctive look.

Take a look ​at these three options ​and think about how less pattern on the roof can make the other patterns make more impact to your overall look. I think you will see how going more solid on your roof can bring your other patterns to life.​


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert