Help! Trying to Decide on the Right Shake Color…

Need help with selecting colors.  Thanks.

Omaha, NE
Product: Bellaforté shake


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Ashok,

I have looked at pictures of your home and I think you are on the right track with either the Bellaforté Shake in Abruzzo or the Bellaforté Slate in Cambridge.

Going with the Bellaforté Slate will give your home a new look not just because of the updated roof but also because you are changing the type of roof. The slate profile will work with your home and the warm tones appear to blend well with the color cast in your bricks from what I can see in the picture. Slate will keep your home's classic look and the color will have less contrast to the brick and more variation in color than the Bellaforté Shake in Abruzzo.

If you decide you want to keep the look of shake, the Bellaforté Shake in Abruzzo is a nice choice because the color and texture will give make the roof stand out a bit more. Similar to your current roof but the richer color and "always new" appearance will keep your home looking up-to-date.

I understand that you were also wondering about keeping the windows white or changing the color. I think that depends on if you are thinking of adding a color that will stand out and be part of your overall scheme or just changing from white to off-white.

If you are just thinking of going to off-white I might not make the change since all of the other windows will be white. I think it would look better to keep them all the same. In most cases window grids aren’t taken into consideration is because they don’t carry much visual weight in your overall scheme. With white or off-white and will fade into the background of your façade and you don’t have to take their color into consideration when planning your scheme.

If you are looking to make more of a statement, a bronze frame could be very nice. It isn't brown or gray so will blend nicely with the color in your roofing and your brick.

I hope that helps you to make a final decision.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert