Help with New Slate Roof for Brick Home

Currently have black fake slate; looking for suggestion as a replacement. Open to warmer colors or staying with black.

Mark Reston
Hurst, TX
Product: Bellaforté or Multi-Width Slate

Dear Mr. Reston,

Since you are upgrading your roof I would suggest going with a new color so that you can really see a difference. Black has worked well up until now but there are other colors that would also give your home a great look.

If you stay in the gray family either Slate Gray or Smokey Gray will give you a similar look to what you have now but will be less of a stark contrast to the color of your brick.

If you want to go with a warm tone I recommend selecting one of the colors that is similar and slightly darker than the darkest color in your bricks. From the picture it looks like Mountain would be a good match. I would not choose more than two variations – such as medium and dark as I have shown. With too much variation between the roofing tiles the roof pattern will compete with the brick pattern. A roof that is more solid in color will allow the brick to stand out.

The size and even arrangement of the Bellaforté Slate is a good fit for your home but any of the DaVinci Slate profiles will work well.

I hope that helps you in making your selection.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert

Designer Roof