Help with Roof Color

What would be the best color?

Bellevue, WA
Product: Bellaforté


Dear Mr. Mitchel,

For your home I am recommending that you use roofing that is brown to blend with the warm tones in your brick and be similar to the look you have now. Tahoe-VariBlend will be lighter and closer to the look of new shakes. Mountain-VariBlend is darker, more gray and will be closer to the current color.

Your current roof looks like a single-width shake and that would be a good choice for a replacement. To give the roof a slightly different look you could change to the Multi-Width product or Bellaforté Shake.

Alternately, you could successfully use the Slate profile in a brown tone or change to one in the gray color family.

The key for your home is that the roof cannot compete with the pattern in your brick. For this reason a blend with tiles from different color families would not be the best choice. Instead use a roof that is more of a single color with any changes in color looking like the subtle variations you would find in any natural material. This is where the VariBlend technology shines in giving you that look within the range of tiles.

I realize this is not giving a single choice but you have many DaVinci Roofscapes options that would work wonderfully on your home. Just follow the guidelines and pick the color you like best.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert

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