Helpful Tip: Installing DaVinci Tiles with No Waste

I often get calls from contractors about how much waste they should add to their bid when figuring multi-width DaVinci Slate or DaVinci Simulated Shake roofing products. Although I don't know how often I'm believed, my answer is "there is no waste on a hip roof and one square for every 100 lineal feet of valley on a gable roof". Installing DaVinci tiles with no waste is a huge competitive advantage when compared with other steep slope systems where 10% or more waste factor is common. 

I have already discussed how to use a combination of our plastic slate tiles to avoid waste on gable ends in a previous tip. Another way to avoid waste is when cutting tiles for valleys. When I cut tiles for valleys I find the correct angle and cut all my tiles with a circular saw. 



I then use all the valley cuts shown on the right in my valleys and then the cuts  that are leftover are the perfect angle to use to finish the hips. Not only does this save material but it also saves time.

For more tips on figuring waste for installation of DaVinci tiles, please visit Five Top DaVinci Install Tips and Calculating Waste on a DaVinci Job .