Historical Project? Think DaVinci!

Many architects that are in charge of the renovation of a historical project consider DaVinci lightweight roofing systems.


Well, there can be several different reasons:

    1. DaVinci ShakeBudget Constraints: Often times the old slate roof on the building or home is deteriorating and needs to be replaced.  However the cost of natural slate is way too much and they need a more economical alternative. DaVinci fits!


    1. Roof Structure Constraints: Sometimes the roofing structure isn’t strong enough to handle the weight of other products – however, DaVinci is a lightweight roofing material and therefore usually works on many historical roofs. DaVinci fits!


    1. Color Matching: The current roof of a historical site might be breaking down, or perhaps the color of the slate is no longer available or just extraordinarily expensive. DaVinci can be a great solution because you can not only create your own custom color blend from our existing colors, but you can also create a completely new color altogether.  In other words, we can work with you to match the existing roof’s color. DaVinci fits!


    1. Natural Shake No Longer Allowed: There are many places across the country (California comes to mind) where natural shake is no longer allowed because of the fire risks. However, the need for the authentic look of a shake roof is necessary to maintain the historical accuracy of the building. Therefore, DaVinci’s shake products can be a perfect shake alternative for areas where natural shake is outlawed. DaVinci fits!


What historical project are you working on? Are you concerned about the roofing portion? How can we help alleviate any concerns?

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