Home Exterior Color Trends For 2016: Natural Green

Color Trends 2016 Paradise Found

An appreciation of our natural environment along with being more conscious of the long term impact everyday actions will have in the future continue to influence trends. Some ways this is manifesting include homeowners:

  • choosing quality over quantity and looking for products that are produced responsibly
  • doing research to find the best long-term products for their home to reduce the need for replacement
  • putting more thought into how their decisions impact the bigger picture in the future
  • being drawn to nature-inspired colors

A color that has been trending for many years and continues in this year’s palette is green. Unlike the greens of past years, which were more warm or leaned towards yellow-green, this year’s color is a cooler grayed green with blue undertones.

This is a beautiful color that blends so well with that landscape that it was called “The Paint Color That Can Make Ugly Stuff “Disappear” by House Beautiful in an article about how in Disney World this color is “used on utility structures, back doors, and other less-magical sights that Disney doesn’t want guests to notice.

When using a green like DaVinci Evergreen (shown above) or Weathered Green polymer roof tiles this color will anchor the home and give it a sense of place in the natural environment. 

I’m not the only one that is a big fan of this color for 2016. PPG PITTSBURGH PAINTS® brands named Paradise Found – a serious, aloe green – as its 2016 Color of the Year they said that, “The green is inspired by consumers’ search for security, protection, privacy and resilience in an uncertain world.” As consumers look to embrace future-forward lifestyles and designs, color experts from PPG Industries, anticipate Paradise Found will play a prominent role in home decor trends and styles, giving homeowners a silent guard and a sturdy, reassuring color for those wary of growing threats to global, national and cyber security.”

Paradise Found (PPG1135-5) is reminiscent natural environments and reflects our society’s increasing focus on the development of personal strength, safety and security.

They chose a familiar shade of green that feels solid and protective. “An edgy-yet-comforting green like Paradise Found hints at nature while still touching on neutrality,” said Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager, PPG Architectural Coatings, U.S. and Canada. “The 2016 Color of the Year provides the sense of strength, energy and comforting familiarity that consumers need to feel confident embracing newness and change.”

Green might not be your first thought when searching for a new color for your home exterior but it is worth considering a comforting, well-balanced green to give your home style and the sense of comfort and security.

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