Home Exterior Color Trends For 2016: White Feels Right

This year I’m talking about a color that doesn’t often come up in a conversation about color trends — White!

Yes, white. This non-color is getting attention this year because it just feels right to many people for many reasons. White is clean and uncluttered. It is a color we associate with a fresh start or new beginnings. It the proverbial blank canvas. White gives us a place to rest our eyes and space to clear our minds. Who doesn’t find those qualities attractive after another way-too-busy day?

When it comes to home design white and off-white are timeless. They are traditional, modern and every style in between because there are myriad ways to use white especially on a home exterior.

White makes the most of interesting architectural details, it helps the details stand apart from the main color. Even with a white-on-white scheme the shadows created when light hits white define trim, dental molding, window frames, cornices and other architectural elements.

Black and white is a classic look that is the ultimate in contrast. A white exterior with black slate roof tiles and black shutters is a look that is hard to beat. White trim against any dark main color is dramatic or dark accents against a primarily white home play up the high contrast in another way.

Fake Slate

This year’s white with its slightly warm undertones works well with muted medium shades and the diverse mix of materials so popular on a home exterior today. I especially like this warm white with DaVinci Slate Gray (shown above), or Smokey Gray roofing shingles.

My prediction of white as an important color in 2016 was proven correct when both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams selected white as their 2016 Color of the Year. First Benjamin Moore announced Simply White soon followed by the release of Sherwin-Williams Alabaster. Suddenly everyone was talking about white. 

Even though white doesn’t often find its way onto the roof of American homes it does show up on nearly every other element of a home exterior. So I wanted to give white its due. Go ahead and stand out more proudly than ever white. This is your year!

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