Home Exterior Upgrades that Make a Big Difference

Inside and out, the right home improvement projects can positively impact a home’s value. For example, garage door replacements show a calculated 94.5 percent return on investment in the 2020 Cost Versus Value Study.  And, adding a new roof or siding are also home upgrades can make a big difference.

“Making positive changes to your home almost always has payback,” says realtor Vincent A. Stanson, a REALTOR® associate with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services in New Jersey. “It doesn’t matter if you’re making changes for your own personal enjoyment or as enticements to sell a property. When you upgrade any aspect of your home it results in positive return on investment.”

Investments with Long Term Value

On the home exterior, homeowners can look toward a roof replacement, new siding, an updated garage door and new windows to add long-term value to their residences.sell curb appeal blog tips white house outside

Starting at the top, a composite slate or shake roof replacement does more than just look good on a house. It also helps protect it from severe weather conditions. At the same time, it is easy to maintain. As a bonus, many people save hundreds of dollars each year in homeowner insurance premiums by investing in a composite roof.

“After a hail storm destroyed my roof in 2019 I saw two things happening,” says Omaha homeowner Dr. John Andersen. “First, insurance companies were raising the deductible for policies with a real cedar roof or no longer offering any insurance for real cedar shake products.

“The second thing that influenced my roofing decision was the aesthetic look of the DaVinci Roofscapes product. The Bellaforté Shake in Mountain blend we’re all using in our community looks like real cedar shake. Plus my insurance premiums have been discounted 20 percent since I got my impact- and fire-resistant roof.”

Top Down Replacements & Tools

Severe weather, searing sun and everyday use also takes its toll on other elements of the home exterior, like siding, shutters and garage doors.

“Replacing a garage door to update a style, gain on energy efficiency savings or enhance curb appeal is a smart idea,” says Samantha Sutton, renovator of the After Hours project. “If the garage door can be seen on the front of the house, like ours can, it’s critical to make sure the unit complements the rest of the home exterior.

“We used the HaasCreate online tool to preview what the new American Tradition Series doors would look like on our home. With so many great options, being able to visualize them on our home was a game changer.”

Visualizers like HaasCreate and the DaVinci Top Down Color Visualizer allow homeowners to “see” what a new garage door or roof will look like on your home. Within minutes the free online tools show a variety of garage door and roof styles and colors on your home.

“Using all the free tools available from manufacturers is a smart way to start home improvement projects,” says realtor Stanson. “Product samples, literature and online visualizers can all help make home upgrades less daunting and more productive.”