Home Sweet Home: What Does Your Home Say About You?

Your home is a reflection of your personality, and it speaks through the colors and accessories you choose. From the color of your front door to the style of house, a home exterior reveals quite a bit about the people living inside.


House Styles


What does your home say about you?

The overall appearance of a home’s exterior, also know as curb appeal, is something homeowners spend a lot of time perfecting. To get a good sense of your home’s “curb appeal”, stand across the street and look at your home from a new perspective. Be sure you make notes of little things that you might see from this view:

    • Are there are areas that require painting and/or repairs?


    • Are your trees and bushes well manicured or do they need a trim?


  • How does the yard look? Does it need a little sprucing up?

To get more great tips on creating great curb appeal, color expert Kate Smith shares some great ideas in her blog How To Give Your Home Personality.

Another factor that impacts the overall appearance of your home is your front door. What does the color say to the visitors?

    • White door your visitors that you are neat and organized.


    • Black says “I’m timeless” and indicates that reserved, consistent, and conservative people live in this home.


    • Red is a bold color and says “Look at Me”, reflecting an outgoing personality.


    • Green: says “I’m traditional” and you want to be an important member of the community.


What about blue, orange, yellow or purple? To learn more about door colors, read What The Color Of Your Front Door Says About You.

The structure and architecture of your home are another giveaway of your tastes and style. Here are some home styles that tell more about you.

    • Contemporary says you enjoy contact with nature, right down to the materials you choose for your home. – from your counter tops to your eco-friendly roof.


    • Colonial says you have a large circle of friends and family, and they often visit. This reflects your desire of being seen as a successful part of the community.


  • Cape Cod says you’re warm and nurturing and your home is a cozy nest to relax, just like the seaside where style home was born.

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There are many other things your house says about you. To learn more, read more on our blog.

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