Homeowner’s Role in Getting a New Roof

Synthetic Roofing OptionsMay is the ideal time to take a good look at your home exterior and prepare it for the warm weather months ahead. Designated as Home Improvement Month, May nudges you to evaluate your home and tackle projects.

On the exterior of your home, roofing, siding, windows and door replacements may all need the help of professionals.

"Some projects, like replacing an old asphalt shingle or cedar shake roof, require expertise and should be left to the professionals," says Tim Gentry, Vice President of Technical Services at DaVinci Roofscapes. "There are very specific measurements, underlayment applications and safety precautions that go into re-roofing a home. Plus, it usually takes a team of installers to complete a re-roofing project as opposed to just a one or two people."

Gentry, a longtime professional roofer who now works for DaVinci, recommends the role of the homeowner for a roofing project is to do research and make decisions.

"In a homeowner's lifetime they may have to get involved in just one or maybe two re-roofing projects," says Gentry. "The best thing a homeowner can do is research their roofing options, carefully choose a roofer with good credentials, learn about the product's warranty and select a roof that complements their home style. After that, they should leave it to the professionals to go up on the roof and do the actual installation work."

If you're in the position of getting a new roof this Springtime, here are some stories that can help you with all the key essentials Gentry mentions: