Hot Door Colors Meet Their Designer Roof Color Match

When a homeowner adds a DaVinci imitation slate or shake roof often the first thing they do is stand back admiring how great their home looks. Now that the roof looks so great, they often decide other parts of their exterior could also benefit from being spruced up. The front door is often the next area homeowners look to improve. The good news is that all it may take to have your front door live up to the beauty of your roof is to brush on a fresh coat of paint. But what color?

Hot Door Color Meets Its Designer Roof Match

Deep cranberry warmed up with gold is reminiscent of a luxurious carpet or
velvety rose petals Cranapple adds a touch of tradition to any style home.

Here are some hues to inspire you. These are from the top 10 hottest door colors for Therma-Tru Doors Five of the colors that I believe will find their ways to many front doors in 2015 are bold and influenced by cross cultural experiences, such as Bronze Tone and Tripoli Sand. Then there are five other colors — like Thyme Green and Amazon Soil — which are more muted hues that invite us to step out of the fast flow of life to relax in our homes. You can learn more about these colors and see a video showing how all these colors look on a front door visit

Hot New Door Colors 2015

Using images from This Old House matched up to DaVinci Roofscapes roof colors you can see how the hot colors work in an exterior scheme. See a few examples and the reasons the combinations work well together.

Hot Door Color Meets Its Designer Roof Color Match

This monochromatic scheme of the natural siding and DaVinci composite slate would work well with just about any color family. I like the cheerful feeling a color like Tripoli Sands projects. Wright Blue Mist would also be a wonderful choice. Capture the glow of the beaches along the Mediterranean with this stylish shade that brings out the golden colorcast of stone or brick.

Hot Door Color Meets Its Designer Roof Color Match

A blend of DaVinci Multi-Width Slate in Dark and Medium Chesapeake is a perfect match to the colorcast of the bricks. Thyme Green on the door plays off the greenish cast of the roof color and picks up the warm tones in the brick. A classic, rich green with a touch of brown never goes out of style and pairs well with most exterior home colors and features.

Hot Door Color Meets Its Designer Color Match

DaVinci Multi-Width Shake in Tahoe Blend and the siding get a lively lift with a color like Bronze Tone that brightens up a subdued exterior. Bold but not overpowering, this deep shade of orange is a good choice to add energy to any neutral theme. 

Hot Door Color Meets Its Designer Match

This patchwork blend of bricks needs a strong roof color. Bellaforté Slate Black-VariBlend fills that bill. Painting the front door black could work but using a color like Amazon Soil that incorporates all of the colors in the brick is friendlier and more interesting. A deep, lush shade of mauve, this dramatically dark color gives the front door a velvety richness.

Your roof and front door are two of the key elements on your exterior. By picking the right color for both your home will stand out from the rest and have instant curb appeal.