How Do I Choose the Best Product for My House?

Polymer RoofingAs a homeowner you are heavily vested in keeping your home beautiful and increasing its market value for an eventual sale. Often, special attention is paid to curb appeal by investing in the right materials, the right colors, and spending a lot of time to enhance the exterior of your home. But how do you know which products to choose to add that value to your home? This is a challenge most homeowners face because the different features of products on the market are often times confusing and hard to follow and understand. DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roofing simplifies the whole process!

We manufacture an easy to install luxury roof system that adds value to your home.  Our slate and shake products include single-width Valoré, multi-width DaVinci and Bellaforté profiles. There are 49 standard colors and multiple color blends to get your preferred eco-friendly roof. Simply put, the sky is the limit with your imagination when it comes to our roofing product.

Can’t find the roof color you want? No problem! Our color specialist, Kate Smith, will simplify the whole process for you by using the revolutionary FRESH approach to select the best color for your needs. This is a simple five step process where key fixed features, regional colors, environment and surrounding, style of home and have-to-use colors are carefully analyzed to choose the best hues.

We also have an online color selection tool to mix and blend your preferred colors. And finally, contact one of our Project Specialists to help you find a qualified contractor and get additional assistance in creating your Masterpiece!