Hurricane Season Meets its Match with Synthetic Roofing Materials

This is not going to be your typical June. You should be thinking about graduation ceremonies, barbecues and summer vacation plans. Yet, with the COVID-19 outbreak, life has changed in many ways.

One thing that has not changed is that warmer weather will soon be upon us. This means it’s time to think about preparing your home and family for potential seasonal weather problems.

Disaster Preparedness Month coming in June coincides with the start of hurricane season each year – and for good reason. Hurricanes can impact millions of people living both on the coast and far, far inland. Flooding, extensive rain and very high winds are major concerns related to hurricanes. The National Hurricane Center encourages everyone to “Be Ready” and offers a checklist of information for your home and business.

Is Your Roof Hurricane Ready?

composite roof after hurricane

High winds associated with hurricanes can turn a lawn chair or garbage can into a flying missile. Those items can do serious damage to a home’s exterior … as can falling trees and limbs.

Here’s our question to you: Is your roof ready to handle potentially severe weather?

Many roofing products simply don’t hold up to severe winds and strong rain. But, composite roofing materials by DaVinci Roofscapes do. Our synthetic slate and shake roofing materials are built to weather the storm. They’ve even passed the strictest industry standards to earn a Class 4 impact rating.

Having a durable and impact-resistant composite shake or slate roof from DaVinci Roofscapes can help your home weather the storm. Oftentimes our Miami-Dade County-approved composite roofing can also save you money — since many insurance companies offer homeowner discounts on polymer roofing. DaVinci has all the details on our website about Miami-Dade County Notice of Acceptance for our products.

What’s a Homeowner to do?

Check your roof! And, if you live in an area that had severe storm damage last year, make sure to have a professional roofer re-inspect your roof now. This is to assure that the roof is ready for another hurricane season.

It helps to understand that the roof is a “system” in your home. For most projects, there are six items that are installed to help protect your house and valuables. Those are the decking, self-adhering membrane, underlayment, drip-edge, flashing and nails. Check your local building codes (which you should consider before doing any project) for more details. And, check out the details on roof system components — plus how to choose a contractor — at an online article from the National Roofing Contractors Association.

What if I Live on the Coast?

As a first step, coastal homeowners should again check their local building codes. In many areas you’ll need to make sure you have proper bracing (such as galvanized metal hurricane straps) to connect the roof to the walls of the home. For a second step, consider Class 4 impact-rated DaVinci composite roofing tiles. Our synthetic slate and simulated shake roofing has been formulated and tested to withstand hurricane strength winds and severe impact.

A composite roofing system overhead means you have gone the extra mile to increase the odds that your home, personal belongings and family treasures will be there when the severe weather has passed. If you do live in a coastal area, visit our website to learn more about our rigorous testing and certifications that our DaVinci composite tiles meet.

Why DaVinci Composite Roofing?

All of DaVinci’s polymer roofing products have achieved a Class 4 impact rating, which is the highest grade possible. This means that DaVinci’s composite roofing has a greater chance of helping protect your home from damage related to flying debris during severe weather.

DaVinci tiles have also achieved the Miami-Dade County Acceptance and Texas Department of Insurance criteria for high velocity hurricane winds. Our roofing tiles have the highest rating for straight line wind testing at 110mph in the ASTM D3161 test. They’ve also passed the TAS-125 certification test for wind uplift resistance in High Velocity Hurricane Zones.

Make a Smart Decision

This means that your roof should be a primary consideration if you live in a hurricane-prone area. Severe winds can uplift shingles off a roof, push intense wind-driven rain at a roof, or cause flying debris to strike a roof. The roof you have should be able to sustain both straight line and pressurizes winds during a hurricane.

When considering your roof choice, consider this. In addition to being impact resistant, DaVinci synthetic shake and composite slate roofing tiles are Class A Fire Rated for fire retardance. And, the composite roofing material also has  Lifetime Limited Warranty for added peace-of-mind.

Get Hurricane Ready Now

The only good thing about a hurricane is you generally know in advance if it’s headed your way. That can help give you time to secure your home and evacuate when and if you are directed by local authorities.

Right now, time is on your side. If you live in an area prone to severe weather and potential hurricanes, take the time today to evaluate the exterior of your home – especially your roof.

Before the hurricane season arrives on June 1st, follow the old adage, “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” You and your home will both be grateful you’re ready to weather the storm!