Impact-Resistant Roof Saves Thanksgiving

It’s a scene that would make an ideal Chevy Chase movie. Your family is gathered for the Thanksgiving holiday and everything that could go wrong, does go wrong.

During a family game of touch football on the lawn, near-sighted Cousin Albert takes aim with his killer arm — and targets the sunroom roof! Then, while cooking a 20-pound turkey, Uncle Johnny mistakenly increases the temperature on the outdoor fryer. Suddenly a flaming turkey explodes from the fryer and goes airborne — landing right on the roof!

How does a “Griswold-type” family combat such holiday hazards? An impact-resistant polymer roof on their home.

Saving the Roof

“While impact-resistant roofing is usually incorporated into a house to help protect against severe weather conditions, there’s definitely the added benefit that these durable products can withstand almost any family holiday gathering!” says Mark Hansen, vice president of sales for DaVinci Roofscapes®. “If that flaming turkey lands on one of our polymer roofs, it doesn’t stand a chance.

“These roofing products are impact- and fire-resistant. So, while Thanksgiving dinner may be a lost cause that requires take-out foods, the DaVinci roof won’t be harmed at all by Uncle Johnny’s lack of culinary skills.”

Saving on Energy

Back at the family football game, even Cousin Albert looks like a hero because his bad pass simply bounced off the impact-resistant roof of this home. Albert’s inaccurate game pass didn’t break any records — or any roofing tiles.

In addition to helping protect the home from storms and various family outings, DaVinci roofing products can be ordered in Cool Roof tiles. The products offer superior energy efficiency benefits to homeowners, which can help reduce energy bills. Which, when dealing with this family, is a good thing. They’ll need the extra money to prepare for their next holiday activity.