In This Case a Green Roof Wasn’t the Best Solution

For a Pennsylvania homeowner choosing DaVinci’s Bellaforté imitation slate tiles for his roofing project was an easy decision. Confidently selecting the color for the tiles didn’t seem quite as simple so Mark and Theresa of MyFixitUpLife asked me to help the homeowner pick the perfect color for his home.

This homeowner is one busy guy but he found a few minutes to chat with me on phone about his roof renovation. I asked him questions to discover how he wanted his home to look and feel when his project was completed. I also chatted with him about his likes and dislikes as well as what colors he had been considering.

From our discussion, I knew that the homeowner was generally on the right track with the color. He had narrowed his choices to Cambridge, Milano or Verde.  He was leaning toward Verde because he loves the color green and wanted to incorporate it into his home scheme but wasn’t sure that was the right choice.

Milano, Cambridge, Verde Belleforte Imitation Slate Tiles

Milano, Cambridge, Verde color blends available in Bellaforté Slate

After listening to him and then looking at many photos of the home and neighborhood, I offered these recommendations:

Cambridge, Milano and Verde could work with the existing color and style however I prefer the Cambridge and Milano over Verde for the home. Verde would blend with the trim color and contrast with the foundation but when I look at the surrounding homes I think it may be a step too far away from the overall color range.

Since he had mentioned not wanting to stand out too much and having a color that is timeless, one of the other blends was a better choice. Of the Cambridge and Milano, Cambridge will work slightly better because it blends well with all of his existing colors and will work in well with the other homes in the neighborhood.

Cambridge is a warmer blend of browns that blends with your trim. Plus he can add in his favorite green as a front door color, accent pieces or fabrics on the front/back outside areas will work very well. The Milano can also work but is a cooler (more cool gray) roof that contrast with the trim. It goes great with the foundation and of course works with the white siding but it isn’t quite right with the existing trim color but it can still work.

Either Milano or Cambridge will standout and add to the curb appeal of his home while still blending in to the surroundings and neighborhood. The final decision really comes down to his personal preference.

I knew he was going to love the Bellaforté imitation slate product but I wanted to check back with him to find out what he thought about the Cambridge blend after it was installed.


DaVinci Synthetic Slate Tile

If you want to find out what he thought, listen in as I share all of the details in my interview with Mark and Theresa on MyFixitUpLIfe. The entire show is worth a listen but if you’re in a hurry my interview starts at about 19-20 minutes from the beginning. Here’s a little hint–HE LOVES IT!

Well, maybe that wasn’t such a little hint 🙂