DaVinci Roofscapes Helps Me to “Do it Right, Not Over!”

Yesterday I covered “why I love DaVinci Roofscapes” and today I’m launching right into the step-by-step aspects of installing my new imitation slate roof.

Alignment Aids

Look at one of the DaVinci composite slate shingles and you’ll quickly see they provide all the needed alignment guides for your required exposure on each shingle.

They provide the target holes where you nail the shingles. I love those and it’s not a problem to hit the target.

The shingles provide reminders about the required spacing between the shingles so the roof looks fantastic for decades.

If you chalk lines every other course, you get to use the lines to align each course. That’s a great feature to keeping the roof looking just like real slate.


You can cut the shingles with a sharp razor knife or a tin snips, but I find a sliding compound miter saw does it faster, safer and provides a cleaner cut. You want to use this same saw to make your miter cuts that create the stunning closed valleys.

A table saw is the tool of choice for me when cutting off the tops of the shingles that are found at roof ridge lines.


The fasteners are as important as the simulated slate roofing shingles in my opinion. They need to last as long, or longer, than the roofing product.

I feel this is why DaVinci suggests to use hot-dipped galvanized nails. These, in my opinion, are the best nails for all roofing projects. The molten zinc atoms interlock with the steel on the entire nail. Hot-dipped nails simply won’t rust for many, many decades.

Use the hot-dipped galvanized nails and rest assured the fasteners will not fail. Be sure the nail is long enough to penetrate the roof sheathing. (see Stainless Steel Nails)

The Bottom Line

After working now with the DaVinci composite roofing product for a little over two weeks, I have to give it five hammers out of five.


My wife Kathy loves it, my kids love it, my neighbors love it and I’m swooning over it.

As a builder who demands quality not only in a product but the workmanship that goes with it, I’m glad to go on the record saying that given the choice, I’d go with DaVinci Roofscapes whenever the situation allowed it.


That’s easy. DaVinci is a perfect example of my AsktheBuilder.com motto:

Do It Right, Not Over!

Tim Carter



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