Interview with High-End Contractor, John Howard of Gentry Roofing in Kansas City

John Howard of Gentry Roofing in Kansas City has been installing our green roof systems since the very beginning, so we asked if he’d be willing to do an interview for our blog.  If you have any questions for John, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or two and we’ll pass them onto John.  Thank you, John, for the interview!

1. How long have you been installing DaVinci?

Since DaVinci started – I installed the first prototype roof and am still installing  DaVinci simulated shake roofing 10 years later.

2. What do you like about DaVinci? Color blends? Shape of tiles? Performance?

I like the fact that the color blends come pre-blended and the fact that the chemical makeup allows the shingles to be flexible and pliable.  The polymers that the shingles are made of have just the right amount of flexibility as far as performance and installing them is concerned versus other products on the market.  Really, with DaVinci it seems like the product will stand the test of time.

3. What’s the biggest thing that homeowners say to you about DaVinci?

How realistic it looks to the real thing.  How much it makes their home look more elegant.  How much it dramatically changes the appearance of the home or building it is put on.

4.  Why do you like DaVinci? 

For customers that are looking for Synthetic Roofing Material products it’s an easy sell because of how close it imitates the real thing.

5. Are there homeowners that you wouldn’t recommend DaVinci to?

Really, I would recommend it to anyone.  DaVinci composite roofing changes the aesthetic of a home so much, that whether the homeowners are in their home for a short time or for the long haul, it’s a good investment.  In other words, you can get your money’s worth whether you’re selling your home next month or 10 years from now because a DaVinci Roof will help sell a home. Roofs are one of those things that really adds to the curb appeal and resell value of a home.

6. What DaVinci products have you worked with? 

All of them – we’re just getting ready to roof a house with Fancy Shake.

7. Which DaVinci products do you like? Do you have a favorite color blend?

In the Slate – Brownstone, in Shake – Mountain.  I like the earth tones of those blends.

8. What other roofing products do you install? 

GAF, Owen’s Corning and everything else.

9. How long have you been in the roofing  business? 

I started working for Tim 25 years ago – and now I am a managing partner of Gentry Roofing.

10. Do you have a favorite DaVinci job?  In other words, a favorite house or building where you installed DaVinci?  Why is it your favorite? 

Boy, there’s a couple of them.  Mission Hills City Hall is one.  The Weathered Gray Shake in Leawood and a custom blend job that turned out fabulous.