It’s Never Too Late for Snow Guards

Are you in between major snow storms and regretting your decision not to have snow guards installed? Not to worry … your roofer can retrofit snow guards to your DaVinci Roofscapes roof!

SnowguardsWhile the ideal situation is to install snow guards (which help break up melting snow so it doesn’t avalanche down all at one time) when your polymer roofing is put in, retrofitting is definitely possible.

According to Lars Walberg, President of Rocky Mountain Snow Guards, here’s what roofers need to know about retrofit applications, “You need to apply sealant to the top of the DaVinci shingle where the snow guard will be placed. The snow guard is placed in the recommended pattern such that 2″ of strap is showing between the face of the snow guard and the butt end of the shingle above. Then (2) 2.5″ self tapping fasteners with gaskets are driven through the snow guard strap approximately 1/2″ below the butt end of the shingle above, through the shingle and substrate until tight.”

Walberg recommends the ST11 Snow Guard by SnowTrapper for this retrofit application. It comes in attractive copper or dark bronze coated aluminum at the Rocky Mountain Snow Guard website.

So, if you’ve got one eye on the weather report and another on your roof this month, stop worrying. Call your roofer and ask him to come back to your house to install snow guards. You’ll sleep better at night with this worry eliminated, and your roof will thank you too!

PS – Need more information? Then see  Q & A Guide to Snow Guards