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We are planning to possibly do a charcoal gray shake siding slightly darker than in the pictures below. And we would like to have a similar contrasting roof like in these pictures below. The autumn variblend seams to be very orange and doesn't have the weathered look at all. Obviously, this product doesn't weather much, so what would you recommend. Probably a little darker and grayer than the autumn blend, since that seems too orange in pictures.

Andrew Fleischman
Philadelphia, PA
Product: Bellaforté Shake











Dear Mr. Fleischman,

The Autumn blend is one of my favorites but I agree that it would not be quite right for the look you are going for. I think that Tahoe will give you the warm, aged look you are after and will work very nicely with dark gray on the siding.

You could also look at Mountain as a possibility but you do not want to have the roof and siding be the same value (lightness/darkness). Having some contrast between the two will give you a nicer look. This color may be too close in value to the siding color. If you prefer Mountain over Tahoe just make sure to look at your siding and roof colors side-by-side from a distance and make sure that you can clearly see the contrast between the two colors.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert