Lightweight Slate Roofing System from DaVinci!

Lightweight slate roofingA lightweight slate roofing system has many benefits that outweigh concrete and even natural slate roofing. It reduces the dead load of the roof, so you have added design flexibility and less framing requirements. Construction time may also be a bit faster and this reduces the time of your project and how it can affect others around you.

DaVinci offers lightweight roofing systems that are energy efficient, 100% recyclable and engineered to adhere to American building standards. Our roof systems come with a 50-year warranty and require very little maintenance. We believe in using only the best and most advanced products for rooftops and this is why our composite tiles have a competitive advantage.

Continuous ridge vents and snowguards can easily be installed with DaVinci tiles. These products can be used in conjunction with our plastic tiles to reduce ice dams, and help prevent snow silding from the roof that can damage property or be dangerous to individuals. You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of roof colors to select only tiles that make your building look beautiful and complement the local architecture while also adhering to the building laws in your state.

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