Homeowners Love DaVinci Roofscapes

Fake SlateGo ahead. Ask a DaVinci Roofscapes homeowner what they have to say about their composite roofing … just get ready for an earful.

“The DaVinci slate looks like authentic slate but it’s completely man-made,” says Dan Baer in California. “I’m thrilled with the quality of the product, the custom color we selected and the fire-resistancy of this polymer roof.”

How happy was Baer with his new imitation slate shingles from DaVinci? So happy that he threw a roof party! (see Homeowner Celebrates Fire-Resistant Bellaforté Roof)

“I want everyone to reach out, touch this roof and see why we’re so excited,” proclaims Baer. “The real celebration is that we now feel safer in our home and have the added confidence that this roof will require almost no maintenance hassles. This was an investment I was happy to make because the benefits are so great.”

Polymer Slate RoofIn Texas, Kathy Telecky also likes to talk a great deal about her fake slate roof. (see Historic Texas Home Gets Faux Slate Roof)

“We did what most homeowners do when searching for product options — we turned to the Internet,” says Telecky. “After searching for faux slate shingles, we found that many companies produced these products, but our research showed that most of them warp over time.

“We discovered that only the slate tiles produced by DaVinci Roofscapes are uniquely designed to resist warping, fading, curling and cracking. And, these polymer tiles are fire and impact resistant, so we never have to worry about how our intense Texas heat or hail storms will affect them.”