Looking at Polymer Slate… What Do You Suggest?

What type / color of material would you suggest on our roof?

Thank you,

Omaha, NE
Product: DaVinci Slate

Slate Roof Alternative


Dear Heidi,

For your home I like the Bellaforté Slate profile. It's size and pattern will work well for your home.

At first glance I thought you brick leaned brown but a closer look revealed that it is more gray than brown. If this is the case I would go gray on your roof with either Bellaforté Slate Gray or Villa Blend. Slate Gray would be my first choice because the overall color has less variations than Villa. You already have color variation in your brick so don't need to add pattern to your roof, too. However the variation of tones in Villa is subtle so if you like that look, it would work well, too. If in fact the brick is more brown use this same thinking but with a brown-based blend.

Once you make your final color for your roof, I would consider finding a neutral for your garage doors rather than leaving them white-ish. The color around the vent on the garage could be a possibility but I think you will find that painting the doors once you have your new roof on your home will make it really stand out.

I hope that helps you to make a final decision about the color for your new roof.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert

Slate Roof Alternative