Made in Kansas … Installed in Kansas


“How lucky can we get?” asks Aaron Confessori with Farha Roofing. “We replace roofs in the Kansas City area. That’s exactly where DaVinci Roofscapes manufactures their composite roofing materials!”


Confessori is right … he’s got a “sweetheart location” for his business.

“Whenever we tell our customers that DaVinci roofing is made right in our area they always get excited,” says Confessori, market partner and general manager of Farha Roofing. “There’s just something about being close to the product manufacturer. It brings a comfort level to people.

“Our clients want to trust the products and contractors they select. They have a desire for the highest quality. Knowing that the roofing product is made locally adds a different element to their decision making. People react positively to the idea of supporting a “Made in Kansas” product.

“Of course, the DaVinci composite roofing is the same anywhere. It doesn’t matter if  it’s installed in Oregon, New Jersey, Denver or in Kansas. However, having the manufacturing plant right here in Lenexa helps galvanize our client’s selection of what is often considered an upgraded material.”

Devoted to DaVinci

For the past 10 years the team at Farha Roofing has installed DaVinci composite roofing materials. The company takes on about 20 DaVinci projects each year.

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While most of the projects are residential, there are some memorable commercial re-roofing projects.

“We worked on the Central Community Church and the Plaza Commercial Real Estate office,” says Confessori. “These which were both new construction projects in Wichita. Those projects, along with re-roofing a Veteran’s Administration building, all received DaVinci Single-Width Slate roofs.”

Aesthetic Beauty Drives Decisions


When working with homeowners on roofing selections, Confessori relates that aesthetics are the primary reason people choose DaVinci products. “People love the authentic look of the composite slate and shake. They’re also keenly interested in the durability of the composite roofing. Plus, they appreciate how it potentially decreases their homeowner insurance premiums.”

These days the Farha Roofing team seems to be installing a great deal of Bellaforté Slate in the three markets they serve — Wichita, Kansas City and Denver.

“Bellaforté is an affordable upgrade for a roof,” says Confessori. “After that, the DaVinci Multi-Width Slate in a staggered exposure is also very popular throughout our area.

“Truly though, it doesn’t matter which DaVinci product people request. We’ve found them all to have strong appeal. That’s because of their authentic looks, reliability and impressive warranties.”