Mysterious New Circles

Lately I have been getting the same question over and over. What are those four circles that have recently shown up just below the nailing area on the Bellaforté Slate?

What answer do you think is correct?

  1. Those UFO alien guys got tired of burning circles in Kansas farm fields and started burning circles in Bellaforté slate.
  2. Circles represent eternity and we want everyone to know that DaVinci Tiles last for an eternity.
  3. In cases of wind driven rain the circles are specifically designed to redirect water back out from under the tile.
  4. There is no practical reason for the circles. These circles are actually what we call pushpin marks in the manufacturing industry. Pushpins are mechanical devices that “push” the tile out of the mold. These sometimes leave marks.
  5. These are indicators of the best places to “setback” the next tile to achieve the most random appearance.
  6. These circles indicate the nailing area for the new super wind performance application for a Miami-Dade installation.

And the answer is…

The answer of course is number 1. Here in Kansas a lot of strange things go on and UFO sightings and cow-tipping are just two of them. Only kidding, the circles have been added to the Bellaforté Slate as nailing indicators for extreme wind zones. These will allow us to use ring-shank nails instead of screws in hurricane zones.

So the best answer is most of you don’t need to worry about these new little circles and you can use any of the above answers or make up your own. But to those of you in HVHZ’s (High Velocity Hurricane Zones) these little circles are going to save a bunch of time.