Need Color Confidence

I don't have the confidence that I used to when it comes to choosing a color for our home. I am uncertain at to what would look best. The exterior of the home will remain the same color. In the images I am sending you the sky is overcast and the roof is wet with morning moisture.

Plattsburg, MO
Product: Bellaforté Slate


Dear Mr. Kemper,

Choosing a color for your roof is a big decision and it can be confusing. I understand and am here to help by giving you advice on what to look for and think about as you make your decision.

Since you mention that the main and trim colors on your home will not change you will want to find a color that will work with what is existing. You will also want to choose a color that will work well in the future if you ever do decide to change these colors.

With that in mind, I recommend DaVinci Shake in either Mountain or Tahoe. From how the colors look in your photo I think Mountain would be my choice.

You had mentioned to your contact in the customer care department that you like gray and while Mountain is a deep brown it leans toward dark gray. I think you may find that this color will work better with your current colors than gray but still give you the look you like.

But photos can be deceiving so look at both colors in the daylight against your main and accent colors. Then trust your own eyes and judgment to choose the one that you find most appealing.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert

Faux Cedar Shake