New Bellaforté Shake Hip and Ridge Idea

When I was traveling in Colorado a couple of weeks ago I saw a fabulous looking Bellaforté Shake job being installed by Turner Morris Roofing Systems. Turner Morris is a high-end contractor located in Arvada, Colorado. Actually it was multiple jobs that I saw as they were installing hundreds of squares of Bellaforté Shake on a series of Townhouses. When Scott Cunningham of Turner Morris showed me around the jobsite I saw that the roofs looked great. They had some nice flashing details for installing snow fences, in fact all the metal details I could see were very professionally done. The one detail that really stood out to me was the way they started the hip and ridge.

In our installation instructions we describe cutting a piece of hip and ridge in triangles and mitering them on the bottom to start the hip and ridge. I guess Scott’s team didn’t like that idea, and as shown below used painted steel broken just right so that it very nice and neat. The metal blends in well and makes for a very nice look.

If any of you have novel installation details you would like to share, don’t be bashful, please let us know!